Friday, July 21


Thank you all for more than 1000 views of my blog! It means that you like my story and want to know what would happen. You're awesome. I've never expected this interest. It motivates me to write the next chapters! Love you!


Tuesday, July 18


Today is a very special day for me. Today is the birthday of my favorite YouTuber. Not only YouTuber. She is also my huge supporter. Yep, you all know who I'm talking about.

Miranda, I wish you all the best. Good health, happiness, a lot of love around you. May happiness surround you today and all your birthday wishes come true. May your channel become more and more popular and the SSC producers finally spot you cause you actually deserve it. Never stop dreaming! As Blueberry said "When you're trying new things, anything is possible because you don't know what's impossible" (or sth like that). Enjoy your day, bestie! <3 <3

You can check your surprise HERE (just scroll down).

Kisses and hugs!!!


Saturday, June 17


Tell me what you think about it!


Sunday, June 11


We're all waiting for the brand new version of "Demons from the Past". Until then I would announce #AskViolette.

You can ask me anything which is associated with this story. My answers will be published in the #AskViolette section.

I encourage you to do it. Because of that you can get to know me closer.


Friday, June 9


Hi there! It's Violette, as always. You may want to know what happened.

So, some time ago I asked one of the Wattpad users to check my story in terms of logiic, consistency etc. And what has turned out, "Demons from the Past" are completely illogical. What's more, the main character has double personality - on the one hand, she is scared, sensitive but on the other hand, when she finally meet Margaret, she suddenly become braver and more cynical.

I want to thank Emilia for all her opinions and suggests. Now I know what's wrong with all this novelette and I can correct my mistakes.

Going to the heart, from today I will seriously deal with it. Just give me some time to organize everything - characters' profiles, plot plan etc.

But don't worry, the episodes I've published so far won't be deleted until I fix it all.

Miranda, if you're reading this, I want to apologize. I know you've been waiting for this story for such a long time. Hope you enjoy these episodes which I could publish.

See you next time, Violetters! Kisses!


Tuesday, May 16


It's today, finally! Check out the first episode of brand new series! New episodes probably will be published once a week. It all depends on the pace of translation. Kisses!


 PS. The parts of the episodes will be available on my Wattpad (link in "See also" section) so stay tuned!

Friday, April 14

What is it about?

In brief, it's the story of my life, just like in "Happily Ever After".
I was just a normal girl with a normal life - school, friends, parties,.. And then, in 2011, my life has changed forever. I was the witness of a crime - my best friend Margaret Grapes killed her father... I had to hide myself but I couldn't stand that she is impunity so I went to the police and told everything what had happened. As I had to convince, it was the worst decision in my life..